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Advance Makko Pte Ltd delivers service and solutions to our clients and we are committed to sharing our experience and expertise with them. Our team with their vast knowledge and great competency can help you bring your business or products to a totally different level, achieving higher levels of efficiency.


Design and Manufacturing of SMT stencils
Consumers nowadays are very particular about high quality and efficiency in their products. As such, it is important to be able to produce consistent and standardized products quickly at a low cost, achievable with your customized SMT stencils. Tailored to your every requirement, the stencils provide you with unparalleled precision and accuracy. The material used will also be in accordance to your specifications.

Our SMT stencils are designed to suit YOUR needs, YOUR business and most importantly, YOU.


Supply of SMT consumables
The wide range of consumables that we supply are selected to complement your SMT stencils. With these additions, you can be assured that your operations will run more smoothly and fluently, giving you better management and cost savings. Our engineers will also advice and conduct regular inspections for maintenance or upgrading.

1) Wiper Rolls
2) Polymide Tape
3) Spice Tape
4) Pick & Place machine Space Parts
5) Jig & Fixture
6) Reflow Pallet
7) BGA rework template

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